Welly and his band of PE-kitted disciples state that they are are the fun, sarcastic pop that this grim post-punk generation needs. They have just a live EP in February 2023, taken from a recording made in an empty village hall, as well as a limited edition 7" single Home for the Weekend (Live in A Village Hall) on Goo Records. A full film and mockumentary followed, gaining extensive radioplay from Steve Lamacq and BBC Radio 6. Live shows include a live TV feed, horoscopes read, live lyric writing, and maybe a few songs too (where there’s room). A jam of Fatboy Slim, The Human League, Rizzle Kicks, and Harry Hill, Welly are more than just another 5 fools with guitars – they have bells and whistles, too. Literally.
The 7" single Live In A Village Hall is available to buy now.

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